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99% of all vehicle failures is due to lack of routine maintenance. 

#1- The easiest and most cost effective way to preserve the life of your vehicle is to get your vehicle in for regular routine maintenance. This includes changing the oil, oil filter, greasing the doors and door jams, latches, and zert fittings (if applicable). You should have the oil changed in your vehicle every 3,000 miles (3 months) or 5,000 miles (a year). This will vary depending on what type of oil your car requires; synthetic blend or full synthetic. Check your oil every time you get gas. Do not let the oil run dry in your engine. This can burn up your engine oil resulting in catastrophic failure and needing to replace the entire engine. If you hear any knocking sounds coming from the engine compartment, get the vehicle to your mechanic right away.

#2- At every oil change request that your mechanic check all filters, if they don't already do so. Those filters include: air filter, fuel filter(s), and cabin filter. The number of filters and cost of each filter will vary depending on the type of vehicle you have. When filters get clogged with dirt and debris a number of issues can occur, including but not limited too; loss of power, loss of fuel mileage, loss of air flow in the a/c system, musty smells, and it can also set a check engine light. 

#3- Stay up to date with all vehicle fluid exchanges at the recommend mileage intervals this includes: Coolant, transmission, differential services, fuel induction cleaner, brakes, and power steering fluid exchanges. Your vehicles fluids are its life line. Serious issues occur when fluids get burnt or run out. Remember that 99% of vehicle failure is due to lack of maintenance. 

Need a reliable and trustworthy shop to provide your vehicle with its routine maintenance needs? Contact us today and we will be happy to set up an appointment for you!


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